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UN-AU partnership to adapt in “evolving peace and security landscape”

16 Dec 2014

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Security Council Chamber. UN Photo/Mark Garten

The partnership between the United Nations and the African Union (AU) will need to adapt in the face of an evolving peace and security landscape, according to the UN Secretary-General.

Ban Ki-moon was briefing members of the Security Council on Tuesday on the evolution of the cooperation between the two organizations.

He said it is vital that the UN and the AU continue to strengthen their strategic partnership, and work more effectively together to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts.

The time has come for us to take our partnership to a new level of clarity, practicality and predictability. This Council knows well that crises in Africa are far from an African problem. They concern the entire international community; and they will only be resolved by all the parts of that community acting as one.  (23″)

The UN chief added that two-thirds of peacekeeping missions are now operating in areas where there are significant threats, including well-armed groups of terrorists and the trafficking of people and drugs.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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