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UN AND AFRICA: “Terrible day” for UNICEF following attack on mini bus in Somalia

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Children in a dust storm in Garowe, Somalia. Photo: UNICEF/Kate Holt

• Four people working for the UN Children’s Fund in Somalia were killed and five others injured after their mini-bus was struck, by what appears to have been a suicide bomber. The attack happened on Monday in Garowe in the north of the Horn of Africa country. The agency has been operating in Somalia since 1972 providing support to vulnerable children. The UN mission in the country said the Al-Shabaab terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

“No excuse” for 550,00 people to die of malaria each year

Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM)/Benjamin Schilling l PSI

• Approximately 550,000 people die of malaria, each year and 90 per cent of the deaths are in Africa, according to a global partnership of UN agencies to fight the disease. The economic cost of malaria on the continent is estimated to be US$ 12 billion in lost productivity every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that malaria is preventable and curable. World Malaria Day is observed on 25 April each year to focus attention on the disease.

Soil taken for granted, particularly in Africa

African soil is too often taken for granted. Photo: FAO (file)

• Soil is too often taken for granted, particularly in Africa according to a soil expert based at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s regional office in Accra, Ghana. The expert says that due to an increasing population, more agro-processing is needed to reduce the pressure on the land for the next generations. Ethiopia is cited as an example of how a 10-year plan focusing on land management can help support healthier soil. The international community is marking Global Soil Week to highlight the importance of soils for food production.

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