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UN addresses international community on World Migrant Day.

UN addresses international community on World Migrant Day.Wednsday , 2012201717:03:00

Tripoli, 20 December 2017(Lana) The UN addressed the international
community on World Migrant Day asserting that this day is an
opportunity to recognize contributions made by 285 million migrants
globally and celebrate such activism.
Evidence strongly indicate that migrants create economic, social and
cultural contributions within communities everywhere. Nevertheless,
hostility towards migrants in the increase, therefore, solidarity
with migrants has become more pressing than any time before, the UN
The UN called for effective international cooperation in managing
migration to ensure wide spread distribution of migration benefits
and protect human rights.
It said, ‘Last year world leaders made commitment to adopt a world
agreement for safe and organized migration in 2018, let us be
committed as we look forward to working for migration rewarding for