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UK Renews Support for GNA AND political track.

UK Renews Support for GNA AND political track.Tuesday , 1912201718:54:00

Tripoli, 19 December 2017(Lana) British Ambassador to Libya Peter
Millett has renewed his country’s support for the Government of
National Accord and the Political Agreement concluded in Al
Sukheirat, which he said was the only way to a political settlement
of the Libyan crisis along with the roadmap presented by the UN Envoy
Ghasan Salama.
This came a meeting Millett held with the GNA Foreign Mohamed
Siala on conclusion of his mission as ambassador of the UK in Libya.
He said he was delighted with the time he had as an ambassador
and thanked all state institutions which assisted him executing his
He said the British embassy in Libya was working normally, and
looked to resuming granting visas from Tripoli at the beginning of
He said he hoped the new year will bring an end to the suffering
of the Libyan people wishing them peace and prosperity.