Thursday, 16/7/2020 | 1:49 UTC+0
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Two migrants die, 80 saved in Sahara ordeal

NNA – Two African migrants died of thirst and 80 were saved after they were stranded in the Niger desert while trying to reach Europe, the International Office of Migrations (IOM) said Tuesday, in the second Sahara rescue drama in less than a month.

“Last Saturday, 80 migrants were saved in the desert, 382 kilometres (237 miles) from the town of Agadez,” the IOM’s Niger office said on Facebook.

“Sadly, two others died from extreme dehydration.”

The migrants had been heading to Libya, the crossing point for the hazardous voyage to Europe,when their vehicle broke down and they were “abandoned by their smugglers,” the OIM said.

They were stranded for three days before help arrived.

The agency says it has helped to save more than 3,000 people this year through search-and-rescue teams, run with Nigerien NGOs, which comb the desert for stranded migrants.–AFP

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