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Tunisian parliament: Libya's stability is important to the Tunisian economy.

Tunisian parliament: Libya’s stability is important to the Tunisian economy.Saturday , 12-03-2016 – 19:52:00

Tunisia, 12.03.2016 – Lana – The vice president of the Tunisian parliament “Abdul-Fatah Muru” , said that the solution for the Libyan crisis , must go through the national reconciliation , confirming that the Libyans could provide a lesson to Tunisia and the world , on how to maintain the State unity. Muru , in a press statement , renewed his country’s support to any solution approved by the Libyans , to end the conflict in their country , pointing out , that the battle with Da’esh organization , is a national battle against who want to destroy the unity of the state , and to breakdown the Libyan society and institutions. He added , that the Tunisian people and government , are hoping for the situation stability in Libya , and to end conflicts as soon as possible , because Libya’s prosperity is an important support to the Tunisian economy. =Lana=