Thursday, 6/8/2020 | 10:25 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Tunis: electronic surveillance system on Libyan borders kicked off.

Tunis, The Tunisian Minister of Defense, Farhat Al-Harshani announced Wednesday that his country began the operation of an electronic surveillance system on its borders with Libya. The Tunisian news agency quoted Al-harshani following his meeting yesterday with the President Al-Baji Qaed AlCibci as saying; 'The meeting covered the operationalization of the electronic surveillance system on Libyan-Tunisian borders. He asserted that the measure would contribute to counter whoever may threaten the security of the country and its territorial integrity. Tunisian Minister of Defense announced late 2015 that the electronic monitoring system would be set up to secure the surveillance of the Libyan-Tunisian borders.

Source: Libya News Agency