Saturday, 18/1/2020 | 6:12 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Tripoli Migrant Centre Airstrike Death Toll Rises to 53, Including 6 Children

Tripoli � In Libya, the security and humanitarian situation is worsening.

Fifty-three migrants are confirmed dead, among them six children following Tuesday's airstrike on the Tajoura detention centre. Over 130 people were injured. The more then 600 migrants detained at Tajoura represented at least 17 different nationalities, mainly African.

According to IOM staff on-site Thursday, 350 migrants � among them 20 women and four children � remain in detention there.

IOM teams provided food and water to the people who were still traumatized by Tuesday's attack, and will continue to assist them. At least 12 survivors with severe injuries � some needing urgent surgery � have been referred to clinics by IOM doctors who remain on call to follow up on these cases.

Source: International Organization for Migration