Thursday, 2/7/2020 | 7:06 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Tripoli: Humanitarian key figures and response as of 26 April 2019 (since 4 April 2019) [EN/AR]


1. Indiscriminate shelling on residential areas continues, in violation of international humanitarian law, with unconfirmed reports of civilian casualties and material damages reported in Al Hadhba area of Abusliem municipality

2. Civilians trapped by frontline fighting face water and power cuts, as well as shortages of essential items such as food, safe drinking water, medicine and fuel. Armed clashes, random shelling, roadblocks and explosives placed on roads hamper the ability of humanitarian actors to evacuate civilians and to deliver needed aid, as well as the ability of civilians to move freely to safer areas and access vital goods and services

3. UNHCR and IOM concluded the total evacuation of Qasr Bin Ghasheer detention centre (DC); some 3,000 refugees and migrants remain trapped in DCs exposed to or at risk of armed clashes

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs