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Tripoli hosts Misrata Taurgha reconciliation.

Tripoli hosts Misrata Taurgha reconciliation.Thursday , 1805201716:57:00

Tripoli, 18 May 2017 (Lana) Tripoli hosted Misrata -Taurgha reconciliation Wednesday in Tripoli, themed; “Misrata-Taurgha Wounds to be healed by its own people’ to explain reconciliation file under the auspices of the High State Council under the auspices of National Reconciliation and Transitional Justice Committee at the HSC. HSC media office said the HSC discussed items of the reconciliation agreement signed by Misrata and Taurgha committees August 31, 2016 in Tunis and ways to activate the agreement for restitution measures for both cities and return of the displaced to their homes as soon as possible. President of HSC , Abdurrahman Al-Sawihli pledged earlier for the return of all displaced and deportees within and outside the country , within the context of a national project to realize inclusive national reconciliation, that ends fighting and divisions, and consolidates security and peace in line with the political accord and its annexes. =Lana= .