Monday, 17/2/2020 | 9:51 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Tripoli festival on reconciliation.

Tripoli,-Erada Awareness Movement in cooperation with civil society organizations hosted an evening festival in the old city of Tripoli entitled "Role of Intellectuals in Crisis' with view to highlight the role of intellectuals in the current crisis experienced by Libya. Several intellectuals, artists and literary men took part in the event which focused on reconciliation among fellow countrymen being the fundamental and ideal solution to address all the problems faced by the displaced. Papers calling for making national interests override others in order to restore security, stability and peace to libya and safeguard unity and launch construction to build new Libya and refrain from discourse of hatred and regionalism. Some participants underscored that such kind of events are significant in promoting awareness that reflects the role of the intellectual within its society and foremost emphasis of the significance of national reconciliation and deepen human values and defense of freedom of expression and not only focusing on political controversy.

Source: Libyan News Agency