Saturday, 29/2/2020 | 4:06 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Treasury Dept at Belgium Ministry of Finance says Libyan assets in Belgium untouched.

Tripoli, Treasury Dept at Belgium Ministry

of Finance said Libyan assets belonging to Libyan Investment

Authority in Belgium are untouched by any party and that it is

undfersecrutiny and follow up by Chairman of the board of Libyan

Investment Authority.

Dr Ali Mahmud chairman of the board of the authority told Lana

that in line with Libyan Investment Authority follow up of its

assets a meeting was held with Belgium Ministry of Finance officials

to discuss the financial assets of the authority in Belgium.

'The countries hosting assets of the authority respect UN

Security Co8ncil Resuiolution on freezing of assets and no country

has violated such decision, and all financial transactions regarding

assets of the institution are made transparently and according to

international standards.

In another development, Mahmud said the authority is working to

enable it manage its assets while frozen to avoid possible losses.

Source: Libya News Agemcy