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Three Libyans arrested in Italy.

Three Libyans arrested in Italy.Wednsday , 06-01-2016 – 20:33:00

Genoa, 06.01.2016(Lana) Italian police forces arrested three Libyan citizens in Genoa port north of Italy on their way from Tunisia. An Italian news agency quoted Italian security forces as saying that the three Libyans were arrested upon arrival last Sunday after disembarked an express ferry “Excellent” coming from Tunisia. The security sources said the three Libyans were travelling with Hyundai vehicle and face charges of money laundering and financing global terrorism. They said they found in their mobiles some photos about weapons and guerrilla warfare as well as documents being examined by the judicial authorities. The three Libyans whose ages range from 39 to 50 years old are currently being detained and will be questioned by an investigating judge. They also said investigations are underway to find out more details. =Lana=