Saturday, 11/7/2020 | 4:21 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Thelti: Presidency Council to meet with Central Bank of Libya to discuss support of Dinar.

Tripoli, 21Presidency Council spokesman, Ashraf Al-Thelti underlined at his weekly press briefing Monday that the Presidency Council is to meet with the Central bank of Libya in the next 48 hours, to look for appropriate solutions to support the Libyan currency and provide cash to the banks to contribute to the drive of the economic wheel and exit the bottle neck that affects the lives of the ordinary Libyans. On the participation of the President of the Presidency Council on labour in Morocco, THelti explained that Saraj met at the sideline of the summit with Presidents of France, Congo, and that the two presidents reiterated their support to the Presidency Council to restore peace and stability to Libya and activate the African Union role through the quintet committee chaired by President of Congo to work for practical and swift proposals to the Libyan crisis. Al Thelti also referred to the participation of Vice President Musa Koni in Gas Exporting Countries Conference held in Doha , which underscored the importance of restoring Libyan oil production into the world market, being and influential country especially in gas production. On ongoing clashes in Sebha, Al-Thelti said the Presidency Council continues its efforts and communications with the elderly and wise men of the south and Libya generally to end the fighting among brothers, and restoring peace and dispatching food and medical aid. Al-Thelti also referred to the recommendations of Rome Economic Conference on Libya in which Vice President of the Presidency Council Ahmed maitig took part. he said the final; statement of the meeting addressed various themes related to supporting the Libyan dinar, addressing the cash crisis and finding necessary formula to increase oil production and discuss 2017 budget and finding solutions to pressing vacancies especially in ministries connected to the financial and economic policies.

Source: Libya News Agency