The Supreme Council Of State Announces The Opening Of The Door For Candidacy For Sovereign Positions

Tripoli, The Supreme Council of State announced the opening of the door for candidacy for the sovereign positions whose selection is entrusted to the Council in accordance with the Moroccan Bouznika Agreement.

In a statement on Wednesday, the council called on those wishing to run to submit their applications to the council through the members of the committee formed in particular, each according to his electoral district, before the 13th of June.

In its statement, the council referred to the positions for which the candidacy was opened, namely: head of the Audit Bureau, head of the High Electoral Commission and membership of its management, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Libya and membership of its board of directors, undersecretary of the Control Authority, deputy of the National Anti-Corruption Commission and membership of its board of directors.

Source: Libyan News Agency