The New York Times: Blackwater Supplied A Militia In Libya To Bring Down The Internationally Recognized Government.

Washington, American journalist Duclan Walsh revealed in New York that (Eric Prince, former head of the security company "Blackwater" across the world, and a prominent supporter of the re-election of former US President Donald Trump, violated the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations on Libya by sending weapons to a militia leader who was trying to overthrow the internationally recognized government)

"Walsh" stated in his article published on the New York Times website: According to the confidential United Nations report prepared by investigators and obtained by the newspaper (Eric Prince, founder of the American "Blackwater" company, sent mercenaries, attack aircraft and gunboats in 2019 as part of a special operation that was commissioned About 80 million dollars, coinciding with the attack on Tripoli).

For its part, the Washington Post quoted the same confidential report - "Blackwater" planned to form a team aimed at tracking down and assassinating Libyan political and military leaders.

Source: Libya News Agency