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The Libyan Weapons Paradox – to Arm, or Not to Arm? [analysis]

The Libyan government – what remains of it – wants more weapons to fight off various militant groups and install some semblance of stability in the country. But the United Nations won’t lift the arms embargo until some form of stability is already achieved. It’s a paradox that suggests that everyone is asking the wrong questions. By SIMON ALLISON.

There was a time when the Libyan government had enough weapons and ammunition of its own – more than enough. In fact, when arch-dictator Muammar Gaddafi was booted out of office, and all semblance of arms control with him, those weapons flooded into the hands of militia groups and rebels, in both Libya and surrounding countries, and caused havoc wherever they appeared.

In April 2013, a United Nations report concluded that Libyan weapons were fuelling conflict in the region, particularly in Mali, and were even stoking the fires as far away as Syria.

Now, in a strange but inevitable irony, it’s the Libyan government that needs new weapons, while the rebels control most of the firepower.

“Libya needs a decisive stance from the international community to help us build or national army’s capacity and this would come through a lifting of…

Source : Daily Maverick