Saturday, 23/1/2021 | 12:40 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

The French Embassy In Libya Confirms Its Support For The NOC, And Threatens To Impose Sanctions On Those Who Threaten It

Tripoli- France, through its embassy in Libya, reiterated its full support for the National Oil Corporation in its mission to serve all Libyans, and its firm commitment to the unity, integrity and monopoly of the corporation, calling on the Libyan parties to quickly agree on a transparent management mechanism for oil revenues. A statement issued by the French embassy in Libya cautioned that according to Security Council resolution 2213 (2015), any action aimed at threatening or putting pressure on the National Oil Corporation, whether it comes from an armed group, political force or other institution, is harmful to the Libyan public interest, which May be subject to punishment. According to the statement published on the embassy’s website, it welcomes the efforts of the National Oil Corporation, to publicly publish the proceeds from the sale of oil, in order to achieve transparent and effective management of the oil sector, praising its head, who said that he courageously leads its mission in the service of all Libyans. The embassy statement also praised the efficiency of the Libyan security forces in dealing with the attempted incursion into the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli on November 23, welcoming the ongoing reforms of the Petroleum Facilities Guard within the framework of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee.

Source: Libya News Agency