Talks Between Telecom Holdings Company With US Telecom And Technology Companies.

(LANA) - The discussion session held on Thursday between the Holding Company for Communications and a group of American telecommunications and technology companies wishing to work in Libya focused on strengthening cooperation in a way that contributes to the development of the telecommunications sector in Libya.

During this session, which was held in the presence of Mrs. Debbie Hurst, Director of the American-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Attaché of the US embassy, viewed the vital role played by the Holding Company for Communications and its subsidiaries in the field of providing telecommunications services in Libya and the importance of cooperation with American companies to contribute to Development and investment in this sector.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Holding Company, "Faisal Qarqab", said during the session that the holding company's plan 21-2023 aims to develop the information and communication technology sector and improve investments in the country, stressing that international companies are considered strategic partners in terms of development and investment, pointing out that the company Telecom Holding is looking forward to more cooperation between the two countries.

In turn, the Commercial Attaché at the US Embassy to Libya, Mr. Daniel, affirmed that the United States supports the efforts of the Holding Company for Communications to attract American companies to invest in Libya, explaining that "advances in communication technology, along with political stability, will open greater economic opportunities for Libyans and make Libya a stronger investment partner."

On her part, Director of the American-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Debbie Hurst, said that the chamber seeks to work with the Holding Company for Communications to strengthen partnerships between Libyan and American companies in the field of communications and technology, and to look forward to seeing the advanced economic steps that Libya will achieve in the coming years.

It is noteworthy that the Holding Company for Communications is working through its subsidiaries to implement several strategic projects aimed at improving the infrastructure, electronic transformation and transfer of knowledge to the telecommunications and informatics sector in Libya, in addition to fruitful international cooperation and opening up global investment horizons by communicating with a number of American technology and telecommunications companies.

Source: Libyan News Agency