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Swahili expresses optimism over success of Tunisian initiative on addressing Libyan crisis

Tunis, 28.02.2017(Lana) President of the High State Council, Abdurrahman Al-Sawihli has expressed optimism at the success of the Tunisian initiative to address the Libyan crisis. 'The Libyan problem will not be solved save after foreign parties cease support to their allies" he stated. " After stopping such support the Libyans would be able to set together and address the issue' he added. He pointed out that many parties have supported the Tunisian initiative including GNA President, Faiez Serraj and President of the HoR, Aqila Salah and many quarters that openly voiced their stances in this direction. There are assurances from Tunisia that the rest of the parties are agreeing to engage in this initiative. Sawihli underscored that Tunisia endeavours for a genuine breakthrough and that it stands at the same distance from all parties, and that coming weeks would witness positive developments in the political scene, because many of the Libyan rivals, and we are one of them, and the international community is seized of the Libyan matter. Sawihli said all parties reached an exhausted phase and cannot accept the continuation of the situation as it is, today we must accept negotiations and mutual compromise and finding a solution. He explained that stance of the Security Council members states is encouraging and a cause for optimism to reach speedy solution and political agreements. "The House of Representatives, is a basic party, and without its cooperation with the Presidency Council and the High State Council there will always be a problem in the political agreement and its application on the ground, he added. =Lana=

Source: Libya News Agency