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SURINAME-DEVELOPMENT-Suriname signs multi-million dollar loan agreement for housing project

PARAMARIBO, Suriname: Suriname has signed a US$47 million loan agreement that will allow for China’s state-owned company, Dalian, to build 1.000 houses here next year.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Lackin said the Chinese firm will eventually construct 5.000 new houses across the country and that the agreement is in keeping with the pledge by the Desi Bouterse administration to construct 18.000 new homes during its first five-year term in office.

“This project is of great importance”, Lackin said, adding it would create a significant number of jobs.

China’s ambassador to Suriname Yuan Nansheng said that since the Bouterse government came into office in August 2010, bilateral ties between the two countries have improved significantly.

“My country is very pleased to assist Suriname with its housing programme”, he said, adding that China’s state-owned Export and Import Bank will provide the funds for the project.




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