Supreme Elections Commission Announces Results Of Municipal Councils, Qarabole, Qasr Al-Akhyyar, Sabratha, And Zliten.

The Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections announced this evening the final results of the municipal council elections in Al-Qarabuli, Qasar Akhyar, Sabratha and Zliten.

The elections commission recorded varying rates of participation in the four municipalities, as it reached 43% in Al-Qarabuli with 1187 votes, in Qasr Al-Akhyar 35% with 1,429 votes, in Sabratha 28.28% with 956 votes, and in Zliten 43% with 5,649 votes.

The results of the municipal elections published by the Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections, in a publication on its official page, revealed that the electoral lists, the City of Peace in Qarabuli, the balance in Qasr Al-Akhyar, the Palm in Sabratha, and the compass in Zliten won the largest number of votes.

Source: Libya News Agency