Thursday, 2/7/2020 | 10:15 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


KHARTOUM, April 10 — Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the release of the country’s General-Consul in Benghazi in western Libya, Abdul-Halim Omer, and says he has resumed duties at the Consulate-General.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Ambassador Ali Al-Saddiq said in a statement here Thursday that the Consul-General had given statements to the media denouncing the claim of the Under-Secretary of the Libyan Foreign Ministry that he had gone to the area at which he was detained without obtaining a permit from the authorities concerned.

The Consul-General was detained on Wednesday by Libyan police while he was in a visit to inspect Sudanese nationals at Al-Baida Prison who were sent to the prison without definite charges being directed against them and to identify the reasons for their detention and to provide legal aid for them.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had summoned Libya’s Ambassador to Sudan and expressed its strong protest the detention of the Consul-General on the grounds that such a detention posed a violation of the international laws governing the diplomatic presence in the hosting country.

The Ministry of Foreign Ministry had demand the immediate release of the Consul-General.