Saturday, 30/5/2020 | 11:59 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Statement of the High Representative and Vice president Federica Mogherini in support of…

The resumption of the Libyan political dialogue in the coming days will be an important step towards a much-needed political agreement on the formation of a government of national unity and a cessation of hostilities in Libya. I call upon all participants to negotiate in good faith and with a spirit of compromise and reconciliation. 

Military operations endanger the civilian population and further damage civilian infrastructure in the country.

All groups in Libya should refrain from actions that increase tensions at a time when Libyan parties are engaged in a decisive stage of the political dialogue.  Those who continue to undermine the talks will be identified by the international community and held accountable for their actions. 

The European Union stands ready to support a national unity government as soon as it is created. We will discuss on concrete ways to support the new Libyan authorities and related security arrangements during the next Foreign Affairs Council.