Thursday, 6/8/2020 | 6:39 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

State Cases Department wins case in the tribunal ruling in Paris against Libyan state

Tripoli- State Cases Department won a case against the tribunal ruling in Paris against the Libyan state. The ruling was against the Libyan state and in favour of a German Investor of Tunisian origin, Saleem Ben Mukhtar that provided for compensation of an amount of 120 million US dollars. The department said on its official website that the tribunal penal issued its ruling on 24 may 2019 that reversed its previous ruling and held the investor liable to pay to the Libyan state all expenses and fees incurred totaling Euros after the Libyan state cases Department proved that the ruling was issued based on embezzlement and collusion between the investor and officials of at the relevant administrative bodies of the state with a view to mislead the tribunal for personal interests. It also said it had countered the seizure of Central bank assets deposited at AGRICIOL bank in France totaling one hundred million US dollars, by lifting the seizure on 22.11.2018. The department thanked all those who contributed to this success and reaffirmed commitment to defend assets of the Libyan people and public interest using legal means, this is also to uphold justice and state of law being one of the judicial bodies affiliated to the High Justice Council, representing the independent judiciary in the country.

Source: Libya News Agency