Monday, 9/12/2019 | 5:07 UTC+0
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Sports Official Points Out Gold Medal As Country's Goal At African Games (

The president of the Angolan Federation of Handball, Pedro Godinho, Monday mentioned the gold medal as a the main goal of the national men senior handball team at the All Africa Games scheduled for 4-19 September in Republic of Congo.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony of the national team held at the Sports Galleries, the official added that after being defeated in the final of the 2011 edition in Mozambique by Egypt, the team is now work toward victory and especially improve rankings.

He said that due to the involvement of youth and veterans and the fact that

one of the Maghreb countries (Egypt) will take part in the event there is every chance to reach the final.

As for the case of Libya, which has gradually evolved its level, he said it will not prevent Angola from having the chance to reach the final of this competition.

The official also point out the Arab countries as the only threat to the African competitions.

Angola which is in group B will meet in the first phase the counterparts of Nigeria and host.

Check bellow the list of Angolan players:

Edivaldo Ferreira, Elisemar Pedro, Gabriel Teca, Osvaldo Mulanessa, Rome Hebo, Adilson Maneco, Sérgio Lopes, Cláudio Lopes, Jeovane Muachissengue, Augusto Dinzeia e Belchior Camuanga (1º de Agosto), Adelino Pestana, Edgar de Abreu, Julião Gaspar, Liliano Pedro (Interclube), Declerck Sibo, Gilberto Figueira, Henriques Cassange, Manuel Nascimento, Enio de Sousa, Manuel Nascimento(Marinha de Guerra), Heleoterio Pensamento, Mario Tati and Mayomona Panzo (Petro de Luanda).