Spokesman For House Of Representatives: House Is Going To Hold A Full Quorum Session To Give Confidence To New Government.

A spokesman for the Libyan Parliament in Tripoli, Asaad Al-Shartaa, confirmed that the parliament seeks to hold a full session to discuss the issue of granting confidence to the national unity government and approve its work plan and budget.

In a statement to the Libyan News Agency, Al-Shartaa said that intensive contacts are taking place between the representatives to summon the boycotting representatives and carry out their responsibilities.

Al-Shartaa added that the council reaffirmed the necessity of adhering to what was agreed upon in terms of government priorities, election dates and the constitutional entitlement.

The House also stressed the need to complete the steps of reforms, and to solve the financial, economic and service problems that affect the citizen, according to the charter.

The House welcomed the outcomes of the dialogue, the spirit that characterized the vote, and the national personalities that were chosen. It was accepted by the Political Dialogue Committee.

Source: Libyan News Agency