Speaker of the House of Representatives meets in Al-Qubba, head of government designated by HoR.


Al-Qubba, 22 September, 2022 (Lana) – The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh, met, Wednesday, with the head of the Libyan government designated by the parliament, Fathi Bashagha and his two deputies, Al-Usta and Al-Zadma, and a number of members of the government.

According to Parliament Spokesman Abdullah Blehaq, Aqila was briefed by Bashagha on what his government has done since gaining confidence from the parliament, stressing that his government has begun its work from the cities of Benghazi and Sirte in light of the current conditions.”

The meeting also dealt, according to “Balhaiq”, with providing services to the citizen and working on urgent files related to the daily life of the citizen, in addition to a number of files related to the government’s work during the coming period.

Source: Libyan News Agency