Sunday, 9/8/2020 | 9:20 UTC+0
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Southampton councillor calls for Prime Minister to resign over Trump controversy

A Southampton councillor has taken to social media to call for Prime Minister Theresa May to resign, following the invitation of Donald Trump’s for a state visit.

Taking to social media, Southampton City Council’s Satvir Kaur has said the Prime Minister needs to ‘grow a backbone’, after Downing Street came into controversy by inviting the US President for a state visit.

Protesters took to the civic centre yesterday to campaign against the President after he banned nationals from seven mainly-Muslim countries from entering the US through an executive order, which effectively bypasses congressional approval.

On one social media post, the Labour councillor said she was disgusted that it took so long for the PM to clarify that she did not agree with the ban which stops refugees from also entering, along with ‘#MayMustGo’.

On another message sent this morning, she said: “Our PM needs to learn to take some responsibility and grow a backbone!”

The message came in response to a national reporter claiming that Number 10 said they were not to blame for offering Trump a state visit, and that it was the responsibility of the state visit committee.

The messages come on top of Southampton and Itchen MP Royston Smith’s social media posts, claiming that President Trump had met his very low expectations.

Royston Smith said: “We must remember that our special relationship is with the American people and not Donald Trump.

“It is important to them, as well as us, that we make the best of this and hope that the President and those around him will soon see that this behaviour does nothing to enhance the reputation of the USA around the world.”

The city protest yesterday saw around 100 people gather to voice their anger, with residents wanting to send a message that opposition was out there. It was the second such protest since the President began his reign, with another protest held on his inauguration day.