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South Sudanese mark one year anniversary of conflict

15 Dec 2014

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Children at Gendrassa refugee camp in Upper Nile State, South Sudan, play in a dirty puddle. Aid agencies say malnutrition in the camp has declined, but disease is still rife. © Hannah McNeish/IRIN

South Sudan is marking an anniversary on Monday, which its citizens, no doubt, wish they had not been part of.

A year ago, violence erupted as government forces and rebels loyal to the deposed Vice-President started fighting.

The conflict has led to the displacement of close to two million people.

Around 100,000 are living in UN protection of civilians sites around the country.

In Bor, the UN is sheltering around 3000 people.

In April, the camp was attacked and at least 30 people lost their lives.

Two Indian peacekeepers also died.

Malish Nemaya has been speaking to Anglican Reverend, Pastor William Tut who is chairperson of the South Sudanese civilians living at the camp

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