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Signing of an updated Canada-China Air Transport Agreement

Beijing, China – 8 November 2014

Our Government is committed to helping the Canadian air industry increase its access to international markets which, in turn, benefits domestic businesses, shippers and travellers.

To this end, on November 8, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Li Keqiang witnessed the signing of an updated Air Transport Agreement, which reflects growing bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Agreement:

  • Increases the number of flights permitted for services between Canada and China;
  • Increases the number of destination points in each others’ territory;
  • Enhances the flexibility of Chinese airlines to offer passenger and all-cargo services to third countries, in connection with services to Canada; and,
  • Provides greater flexibility and certainty for Canadian and Chinese airlines with respect to code-sharing with airline partners of third countries.

The signing of this updated Agreement, which was concluded in June 2013, represents an important step towards ratification of the Agreement and a further step in enhancing transportation and trade relations between Canada and China. Canadian and Chinese airlines operated up to a total of 73 passenger flights per week between both countries during the peak summer months. Canadian airlines have also enhanced their code-sharing partnerships with Chinese airlines.

Canada’s Blue Sky policy encourages long-term, sustainable competition and the development of new or expanded international air services. Under this policy, the Government of Canada has concluded new or expanded air transport agreements covering over 80 countries, including:

  • Open Skies-type agreements with 16 countries: Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, Curaçao, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Sint Maarten, South Korea, Switzerland, and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Expanded agreements with 20 countries: Algeria, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and Turkey.
  • New first-time agreements with 21 countries: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Gambia, Kenya, Kuwait, Macedonia, Paraguay, Qatar, Rwanda, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Tunisia, and Uruguay.
  • A comprehensive Air Transport Agreement between Canada and the European Union’s 28-member states (including Croatia and Ireland).