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Siala talks to non-aligned Foreign Ministers meeting.

Siala talks to non-aligned Foreign Ministers meeting.Thursday , 0504201822:11:00

Bamako, 5 April 2018(Lana) GNA Foreign Minister, Mohamed Siala
conveyed satisfaction of the Libyan people and GNA government to the
non-aligned countries for their supportive stance to the Libyan
people and their supportive stance to the Libyan people and their
desire for stability, state building.
In speech Thursday before the nonaligned foreign ministers meeting
in Bako, Siala said; ‘Our people appreciates such stances and looks
forward to your continued support to establish its democratic state
and realize stability, justice, development and national
Siala underscored in his speech that Libya in its way to build
democratic state is keen to build cordial and constructive relations
with all countries of the world, is looking forward to realize common
interest based on mutual respect and non- interference in others
internal affairs
‘Realizing nonaligned movement objects is based on its unity and
solidarity of its members in a political climate prevailed by mutual
respect, and contribute to just balance in international relations
and ability to keep abreast with swift economic and political
developments’ he added.
‘ The meeting under non-aligned umbrella embodies belief of members
of the nonaligned movement in the collective work, and unity of
spirit established by the founding fathers.