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Siala: Solution of Libyan Crisis Will Not But be Political Through Comprehensive Reconciliation.

Siala: Solution of Libyan Crisis Will Not But be Political
Through Comprehensive Reconciliation.Thursday , 0803201817:04:00

Tripoli, 8 March 2018(Lana) The GNA Foreign Minister Mohamed
Siala has stressed that solution of the crisis in Libya will not but
be a political one through comprehensive reconciliation.
Speaking at the Arab League Foreign Ministers 149th meeting in
Cairo on Wednesday, Siala said the GNA Government has responded
positively with all initiatives aimed at resolving the crisis in the
country through supporting of all Arab and international efforts
aimed at settling the political crisis in Libya.

Siala said the Presidency Council welcomes the plan offered by the UN
Special Envoy Ghasan Slama to resolve the crisis in Libya by ending
the division and building confidence among all parties to the
He noted the steps taken by the GNA including instructing the
National Election Commission to start registering voters, indicating
that the number of registered voters has now surpassed 2 million.
Siala stressed the need for the security agencies to be
re-activated under the civilian leadership represented in the
Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord to restore
stability and protect territorial integrity of the country. He called
on Arab and neighboring countries to continue to support efforts to
stabilize Libya and combat terrorism and illegal migration.
He valued Ministers decision to hold the next meeting of Arab
Foreign Ministers in Tripoli.
Siala welcomed the outcome of the 4th coordination meeting of
Foreign Ministers of Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria which was held in
Cairo later in 2017 as part of the Tunisian initiative. He also
praised efforts of the quartet committee suggested by the Secretary
As for the Palestinian issue, Siala reiterated Libya’s
inalienable position of supporting the right of the Palestinian
people to regain their legitimate rights including establishment of
their state with Al Quds as its capital.
He stressed the need for decisions to be taken to protect
Jerusalem on the basis of the Arab Initiative and rejected the moving
of the US Embassy to Jerusalem which he said will have grave
repercussions on the rights of our Palestinian brothers, let alone
its violation of the international law.