Wednesday, 27/1/2021 | 4:42 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Siala Calls For The Enactment Of International Measures That Prohibit Insulting All Religions And Their Symbols

Niamey- The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of National Accord, “Muhammad al-Taher Siala,” strongly condemned the offensive cartoons of the Prophet “Muhammad”, refusing to justify those actions with freedom of expression. In a speech during the launch of the forty-seventh session of the foreign ministers of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation under the title “United Against Terrorism for Peace and Development,” which was launched Friday in the capital of Niger, “Niamey,” he said that this mockery represents an act that offends the feelings of Muslims and causes Stirring up more incitement and hatred among the followers of different religions. Siala called for the enactment of international measures that prohibit insulting all religions and their symbols. The Commissioner of Foreign Affairs indicated that Libya looks forward to the support of the ‘OIC’ countries for the efforts made by the Presidency Council and the Government of National Accord to end the political division and achieve reconciliation and reconciliation.

Source: Libya News Agency