Tuesday, 2/6/2020 | 4:36 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Siala Calls for Excluding Terror-Combating Weapons From UN Arms Embargo on Libya

Dushanbe, The GNA Minister of Foreign and

International Cooperation Mohamed Siala has called on the

international community to support Libya's request to exclude weapons

for fighting terrorism from the arms embargo imposed by the UN on


Such weapons are needed by the Presidency Guard and the Coastal

Guard forces to fight terrorism, Siala told the International

Conference on Combating Terrorism in the capital of Tajikistan.

The ban on arms exports to Libya under the plea of fuelling civil

war and sedition has hugely curtailed our ability to combat terrorist

actions, Siala said. 'We hope that the international community back

up our request to exclude terror-fighting arms from the embargo.

He noted that the last terror attack to hit Libya was the one

against the election commission building in the capital Tripoli in

which 16 young lives were lost, and dozens wounded.

Siala arrived in Dushanbe on Friday to attend the International

Conference on Combating Terrorism which was held in the country under

the sponsorship of the UN , the Organisation for Security and

Cooperation in Europe and the European Union.

The conference discusses security challenges facing the world and

uniting efforts to combat terrorism, and extremism and violence as

the main cause of instability in many regions of the world.

Source: Libya News Agency