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Siala Attends Bangladeshi Embassy Celebration of National Day.

Siala Attends Bangladeshi Embassy Celebration of National
Day.Tuesday , 2703201815:59:00

Tripoli, 27 March 2018(Lana) The GNA Foreign Minister Mohamed
Siala has attended a celebration held by the Bangladeshi Embassy in
Libya to mark the 47th anniversary of independence of Bangladesh.
Siala thanked the Bangladeshi Ambassador Sheikh Skandar for the
invitation, extending his best wishes for the government and people
of Bangladesh on this occasion.
He stressed the close relationship between Libya and Bangladesh
as members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and the
contribution by Bangladeshi workers in the infrastructure work in
‘The event is the first to be held by the Bangladeshi Embassy
after stability returned to the capital, which could inspire other
embassies to follow suit, he said.
The Bangladeshi Ambassador Sheikh Skandar, is one of the recently
accredited ambassadors of foreign countries to Libya. He handed over
his credentials to the President of the Presidency Council on Sunday,
at a ceremony attended by the Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala and the
Foreign Undersecretary Lutfi Al Mogherbi.