Sunday, 26/1/2020 | 6:16 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Shoukry visits Hariri: We agreed to intensify our bilateral cooperation

In a press release by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri’s Media Office, it indicated that the PM met this evening at the Center House with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, accompanied by the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon Nazih Naggari.

After the meeting, Shoukry said: “I had the honor to meet with Prime Minister Hariri. It was a fruitful meeting during which we discussed in details the bilateral relations between Egypt and Lebanon and the Arab and regional situation.

As you know, in Egypt we are keen on regional stability and work for it by restoring the role of the state and its institutions. There is no doubt that the crises in the region, whether in Syria, Yemen or Libya, require the return of the state and its institutions, and we seek to find political solutions that will achieve this, through dialogue and consensus and in accordance with international resolutions.”

He added: “On the Lebanese level, I stressed Egypt’s position in support of the security and stability of Lebanon and to form a Lebanese government as quickly as possible, not because it is an external demand, but because it serves the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese. On the other hand, there is a responsibility for Lebanon to contribute to the stability of the Arab region, through stability in Lebanon, which can only be achieved by forming the government and supporting the state institutions that should shoulder their full responsibility. I also commended the continued efforts of Prime Minister Hariri over months to achieve this.
In our discussions, we also agreed to intensify bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Lebanon, as the current cooperation between the two countries is an important support for both economies, and there are possibilities to develop this cooperation in vital sectors such as energy and others. We are working together to explore new horizons and areas of cooperation on the basis of firm political will and the importance of mutual support.”

“I conveyed to Prime Minister Hariri the greetings and appreciation of His Excellency President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and the continuous communication on all fronts, between the ministers, prime ministers and leaderships of the two countries,” Shoukry stated.

Question: Do you think that the absence of a government in Lebanon has affected the Summit?

Shoukry: We seek to have a successful summit that will result in decisions that support the development efforts of the Arab countries. All these countries need an economic revival, through cooperation and solidarity among these countries. Egypt is working for the success of this summit and for it to have tangible results for the Arab peoples.

Source: National News Agency