Thursday, 21/11/2019 | 9:04 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Shehayeb: To dissociate Lebanon from Syria war

NNA – Minister of Agriculture, Akram Shehayeb, on Thursday highlighted the necessity to keep Lebanon away from the flames of the Syrian war, calling for a rational stance in a country that is still not healed from the sequels of the civil war.

“The war of Bashar Assad on Lebanon is still continuous, and so are the attempts to sow seeds of strife. It is time to realize that our immunity lies within dissociating Lebanon from the Syrian war and within our agreement as Lebanese to implement the recommendations of the national dialogue and Baabda Declaration,” Shehayeb told a meeting held by the Progressive Socialist Party at the Lebanese University in Aley, upon the occasion of the Labor Day and the commemoration of the party’s foundation.

“We are now through local and regional circumstances that are at least pressuring and decisive. The region is simmering in a conflict that is translated into civil wars in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Syria,” the Minister indicated.

“But the uprising of the Syrian people shall continue until the regime and its symbols, on top of which Bashar Assad, leave,” he stressed.

Turning to Yemen, Shehayeb saw that the Arab awakening had put an end to rebels. “This awakening shall also put an end foreign intervention in our Arab countries on one hand, and curb the Israeli and Persian threats.”

“Our immunity consists of our unity and understanding in order to reach agreement that would lead us to fill the current presidential vacuum,” he added.

“We hope for a national awakening that would end the current paralysis,” he concluded.