Monday, 10/8/2020 | 11:18 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Settlement of Crises in Mali, Libya – U.S. Greatly Appreciates, Supports Algeria’s Efforts

The U.S. government “greatly” appreciates and supports Algeria’s efforts to reach political and peaceful solutions to the crises in Mali and Libya, US Ambassador to Algiers, Joan A. Polaschik said Wednesday, stressing that there are “no military solutions” to those crises.

“The U.S. government highly appreciates Algeria’s efforts and its role of mediation to resolve the Malian crisis,” Polaschik said in an interview to APS.

She also affirmed that Algeria is an “excellent partner” of her country in the fight against terrorism as well as in the promotion of the regional stability.

The third phase of the Inter-Malian inclusive dialogue resumed last Thursday between the Malian government and the representatives of the political groups of northern Mali having adhered to the Algeria-brokered talks process.

Regarding the Libyan crisis, the U.S. diplomat said that her country and Algeria hold “regular” consultations on this issue, voicing U.S. support to Algeria’s efforts for the launch of Libyan inclusive dialogue.

“We appreciate the close collaboration between Algeria and the UN in order to reach a political solution to the crisis in Libya,” Polaschik said while affirming the U.S. commitment for a political solution to the crisis affecting this country shacked by deep instability since the fall of the former regime.

“There is clearly no military solution to the Libyan crisis,” she underlined.

Source : Algerie Presse Service