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Security meeting to assess work of security committee.

Security meeting to assess work of security committee.Tuesday , 19-07-2016 – 15:59:00

Tunis, 19.07.2016 (Lana) A security meeting was held Monday in Tunis in the presence of President of the presidency Council of the GNA, Fayz Saraj and his vice presidents, Fathi al-Mujberi and Ahmed Maitiq and several ministers of the GNA and head of the defense committee at the House of Representatives, members of the dialogue commission and security and military figures from various ranks and sectors. The meeting sponsored by UNSMIL, was attended by Martin Kobler, Italian General Paolo Sierra head of Security at UNSMIL, Brigadier Abdurrahman al-Tawial head of the security arrangements committee that sprang from the presidency council besides representatives and ambassadors of USA, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, EU, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and UAE . The agenda of the meeting includes, assessment of security committee emanating from the political accord, and ensuring commitment of armed groups with the arrangements of the security committee and mechanism of their integration into police and army and the prospect of building a temporary Libyan architecture. The Tunisian capital is hosting since last Saturday, sessions of the Libyan dialogue related to ways to activate the road map of the political accord signed in Skhirat, Morocco among the various Libyan parties to find a solution to the crisis seen by Libya. =Lana=