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Security Council meets on libya

Tripoli, 02.03.2016(Lana) UN Security Council convenes a session to discuss Libyan file developments in the presence of UN envoy to libya, Martin Kobler. The session comes after the UN published a 95 page report on what it described ' Growing human rights violations in Libya in the past two years'. The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon warned in the report which he submitted to the Security Council Tuesday against what he described as 'Uncertainty of the political future in Libya'. He also expressed profound concern over the ability of State Organization(Daesh) to expand the field of its influence and its impact over the past few months'. The report urged all parties to double their efforts to remove the political and security vacuum arising from absence of state unified institutions' The report underlined; that realizing sustainable peace and security in Libya require efforts and collective commitments of all parties to make national interest overrides all other considerations'. he urged political leaders to shoulder their responsibility about their country's future'.

Source: Libya News Agency