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School Feeding in Libya, April 2020

WFP Libya and the Libyan Ministry of Education

The partnership

WFP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Libyan Ministry of Education (MoE) in January 2019 to implement a School Feeding programme. Since July 2019, WFP has been working with the MoE through its WFP-trained school officials to bring daily snacks to the over 18,000 schoolchildren enrolled in 58 primary schools located in four municipalities in southern Libya: Ghat, Alkufra, Alqatroun, and Alsharqiya. Specific schools are not publicly listed for safety.

With the needed funding, the programme plans to scale up to reach 40,000 students this year. .

Trainings and events

WFP has worked closely with the MoE to ensure institutional capacity at both regional and local levels was strengthened and held technical trainings for the school officials as well as school nutrition and healthfocused Training of Trainers to officials throughout the year. After these training of trainers, the school officials then trained other school officials, creating a network.

WFP also assisted the MoE and local businesses to run nutrition summer camps for 600 children at 3 sites in Tripoli: Hay Alandalos, Janzur, and Abu Salim in September 2019 in order to help support a healthy school environment and promote nutrition awareness.

On several occasions, the MoE, with the support of WFP, engaged in South-South and triangular cooperation by participating in the two rounds of the Global Child Nutrition Forum as well as other dedicated initiatives held both in Libya and internationally. During these Forums, the MoE and the Government of Libya engaged in peer-learning sessions on school feeding with regional counterparts and went on field visits to learn about good practices in countries that benefit from common context school feeding programmes. This South-South exchange contributed to increased advocacy for school feeding and enhanced partnerships between countries.

COVID-19 adaptations

WFP is fully in alignment with Libya’s priority to ensure distance learning takes place while schools are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Starting 30 March, thanks to the efforts of the school feeding focal points and the education offices, WFP began the distributions of date bars as take-home rations for the schoolchildren and their families that are enrolled in the programme of the four municipalities. Distributions are undertaken by school officials during curfew-allowed times and with all COVID-19 precautions in place.

We look forward to the day when COVID-19 is behind us, but in the meanwhile, we stand behind Libya in its commitment to prioritize education

Source: World Food Programme