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Sarraj : Fayez Saraj stresses any progress in human rights and rule of law is hinged on security and political stability.

Geneva, 27.02.2017(Lana) President of the Presidency Council , Fayez Saraj has stressed that any progress in human rights and the rule of law is hinged on security and political stability. Sarraj, addressing the 34th ordinary session of the UN Human Rights Council, currently held in Geneva and to continue up to March 24, pointed out the challenges facing Libya at various political, humanitarian and economic levels and which are directly linked to the efforts of enhancing respect for human rights and the rule of law. "Security and political stability helps address spread and indiscriminate use of arms and curtail activities of rogue armed groups, organized crime gangs including those involved in human trafficking' he said. Saraj explained in his address; "Whenever progress is being made vis-vis the challenges, likewise progress would be made to curtail human rights violations and which can be gauged at security level after the defeat of the so-called Daesh organization which exercised the most vicious crimes and human rights violations, the defeat was materialized due to the great sacrifices by our soldiers and youth and the martyrs. He pointed out in this context the return of 6000 families displaced for almost two years to their homes in Serte. President of the Presidency Council also spokes about the special significance attached by the Council to putting in place and implementing an effective programme for Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) and work to build army and police institutions. Saraj said his efforts to find an inclusive consus political solution are in order to operationalize all security, judicial and control institutions which are bound to address such violations. Sarraj called on the international community to support the ongoing efforts to strength national institutions and provide them with technical assets and specialized training to counter the threats and risks in a coherent and coordinated manner in harmony with national needs and in a manner that safeguards Libya's sovereignty and territorial integrity. =Lana=

Source: Libya News Agency