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Saraj says due to security challenges in Libya Council took daring steps to liberate Serte.

Saraj says due to security challenges in Libya Council took daring steps to liberate Serte.Tuesday , 26-07-2016 – 20:15:00

Tripoli, 25.06.2016(Lana) President of the Presidency Council of the GNA, Fayez Saraj said due to current security challenges in Libya such as that presented by terrorist state organization the Presidency Council took daring steps to launch Fortified Structure Operation to liberate Serte from Da’esh led by the Libyan Army under the watch of the Presidency Council. In speech at the 27th Arab summit in Nouakchott Saraj said despite scarce resources and lack of international support , our forces achieved remarkable advance liberating several sites inside and outside the city. He said this was achieved with heavy price paid by blood of our sons who are making heroic victories against this alien and evil organization. Saraj rejected any foreign intervention and violation of Libyan sovereignty, stressing that any support and assistance should be in line with international norms. Saraj said Libya is not too far from the world and should not be left alone fighting terrorism therefore we decided to join the Islamic alliance against terrorism and join international alliance against terrorism and fight Da’esh to ward off attacks against people. Libyan being the only country after Iraq and Syria into which the organization infiltrated certain places . The critical situation experienced by Libya require a joint Arab action by coordinating with regional groupings and effective countries to ensure security and stability in the region in General and Libya and in particular. We came to the Arab summit hoping the stance of our Arab brothers to stand with us at this critical juncture to address several challenges foremost the call to the House of Representatives to finalize the due legislative entitlements according to the political accord and offer support to the GNA in its war against Da’esh and help Libyans under the leadership of the government to stop flow of weapons which had direct impact in escalating the fighting and seek the help of brotherly countries to convince dialogue rejectionist parties to join the platform of reconciliation and refrain the language of discord and sowing divisions, Saraj said. He welcomed all initiatives seeking to end the political crisis based on the grounds of the political accord but with full coordination with the Presidency Council and GNA which first and supreme goal would be stability of the homeland and the public. He also touched on the importance attached by his government to the reconciliation file in Libya and its endeavors for a comprehensive reconciliation and close the chapter of the past with all its pains and provide a decent life to all citizens without discrimination. He said based on its Arabic affiliation Libya endeavors to consolidate its political and economic relations with its Arab surroundings and opening up to the world at large based on mutual respect and safeguarding mutual interests and protection of national sovereignty and contribute to the efforts aimed at main ting world Peace and security. =Lana=