Thursday, 20/2/2020 | 5:00 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Saraj repeals all recent decisions related to sovereign posts.

Tripoli, President of the Presidency Council of the GNA, Faez Saraj has repealed all recent decisions without consensus and related to appointments to senior sovereign, security and civilian posts. In a televised address to the Libyan people broadcast on Al Rasmya Wednesday, Saraj expressed respect to the proposed names, pointing out the need for consensus, stressing that consensus and competence cannot be compromised. " The decisions touch directly security and stability of the country, calling on all members of the Presidency Council to meet to review the decisions and reach consensus and fulfill competence criteria' he said. 'No encroachment should be made state sovereign posts and there must be consensus on those who hold these posts by patriotic people vetted according to competence criteria, without out partisan, regional, tribal quota, or use of fierce' he added. He rejected nepotism and favourtism by saying; " naming people for those posts must be through merit'. Saraj said; there are many examples where the Presidency Council opted the approach of consensus, stressing that issuing vital and sovereign decisions without genuine consensus or consultations among the members is not conducive to national and public interest in fact increases the divide. 'Being President of the Presidency Council, I categorically reject that the council be a cause for killing consensus among Libyans or be a cause for dashing their hopes for state of law and institutions and implement its basic mission to pave the way for this transitional period to fulfill the constitutional entitlement so the country can reach the longed stability.

Source: Libya News Agency