Sunday, 5/4/2020 | 9:04 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Saraj meets Oglu in Istanbul

Istanbul, - Head of the presidential council of the national accord government 'NAG' Fayez Saraj , on Thursday evening , met with the Turkish prime minister "Ahmet Davut Oglu" , on the sideline of the Islamic cooperation summit in the Turkish capital Istanbul. The meeting dealt with ways to strengthen cooperation between the two countries , and the return of Turkish companies to Libya , to complete the halted projects , as well as investing in new ones. For his part Oglu welcomed the presidential council's entry to the capital Tripoli , and commencing its work from there , stressing on the deep historic relations between both countries , and showing Turkey's readiness to provide the necessary support to the accord government , in the economic and construction fields. Oglu also vowed to facilitate granting Turkish visa , and resuming airways flights to Libya in the coming period.

Source: Libyan News Agency