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Salama Discuss In Tunisia Developments In Libya.

Tunis, The UN Special Envoy to Libya Ghasan Salama has discussed with Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Al Jheinawi developments in Libya. Al Jheinawi renewed at the meeting, held at the Foreign Ministry, Tunisian position in support of efforts being made by the UN Envoy, to reach a comprehensive political agreement in Libya, in accordance with the map laid down by the UN, to consolidate the ceasefire in the capital and boost the country’s economy. The Tunisian Minister said Libya’s stability is of paramount importance to Tunisia, expressing hope that the Palermo Conference would make a significant progress on the Libyan political track, and to push Libyans to overcome their differences. On his part, Salama briefed the Tunisian Foreign Minister on the briefing he would make to the UN Security Council today on the situation in Libya, noting that the decision of rebuilding the state remained a Libyan decision, and no one can force them to do anything no matter how many initiates have been made.

Source: Libya News Agency




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