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Saila calls on international community to contribute to reconstruction of Libyan cities.

Saila calls on international community to contribute to
reconstruction of Libyan cities.Tuesday , 1302201816:08:00

Kuwait, 13 February 2018 (Lana) GNA Foreign Minister, Mohamed
Saila revealed that ISIS still threatens Libyan security and
stability as well as Libyan neighbours especially against the
backdrop of the current political divisions and intransigence of some
parties to come to the negotiation table to address differences
In a speech at the ministerial conference of the international
alliance against ISIS, held in Kuwait in the presence of 70
countries, and four international organizations, Saila called for
support of the political accord and the GNA efforts to unify the
military and security institutions and merge the fighters who
contributed to victory against ISIS, and that such military
institution be under the civilian authority. He also stressed the
need to press ahead with the full implementation of provisions of the
political accord, approve permanent constitution to the country and
conduct general elections.
Saila also reviewed GNA efforts in the fight against terrorism
ever since it took over, he explained that despite scarcity of
resources and major challenges, the GNA forces managed to liberate
the whole of Serte and end domination of ISIS in the city and its
cells in Sabratha, imposed state control and protected the public
from the injustices of this organization. He explained that such
liberation was achieved by great sacrifices on lives and destruction
of homes and displacement of people with great damage to
infrastructure, saying this cannot be rebuilt by the government alone
without support of the international community. He said the cities of
Serte, Benghazi and Sabratha are in urgent need for speedy
construction in terms of infrastructure and utilities.
He regretted lack of interest by the international alliance in
liberated areas of Libya and not enlisting them among regions
targeted for reconstructions in spite of the enormity of destruction,
he expressed hope of the GNA to include Libya in the list of
reconstruction scheme, train its security personnel on how to deal
with terrorist organizations.
He also voiced Libya’s support to the international alliance
efforts to drain the resources financing terrorist organizations in
the region which could be used by the organization to return to the
liberated areas. He stressed the need that the alliance continue in
its activities until the terrorist organization is completely
uprooted, calling for more coordination and collaboration among
members of the alliance on exchange of information and expertise on
how to deal with the terrorist organizations.
Saila however, thanked members of the alliance for the support
against ISIS especially the US government for its effective role
through air support to the government forces. He also thanked Italy
for its great support and for the return of its embassy to work in
Tripoli in line with its support to the GNA.


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