Monday, 1/6/2020 | 2:07 UTC+0
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Response and gaps in health sector coverage for April 2020 (based on 4W analysis)

Health sector response:
• 12 health sector organizations are operational (6 UN agencies: UNFPA, IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, WHO; 6 INGOs: IRC, GIZ, IMC, PUI, HI and CEFA)
• 18 (82%) out of 22 districts were reached by health sector partners.
• Most of health sector assistance was provided in 36 (36%) of 100 municipalities.
• 16 (44%) of 36 reached municipalities were ranked as higher than 3 severity scale. o 5,289 (95%) of medical procedures (HRP funded) took place in areas higher than 3. o 6,556 (51%) of medical procedures (HRP funded) and 2,017 (49%) of medical procedures (non HRP funded) took place in areas ranked as 3. o 912 (100%) of medical procedures (non HRP funded) took place in areas ranked less than 3.
• A total of 15,038 medical procedures (including 12,439 outpatient consultations, 132 referrals and 2,299 trauma related consultations,73 mental health consultations, 90 disability related consultations, 5 vaginal deliveries attended by a skilled attendant) were provided by health sector organizations.
• The gender breakdown of patients who received medical procedures: 38% – men, 62% – women. 16% of medical procedures were provided to children under 18 years old and 84% to people older than 18 years old.
• 6% of all medical procedures were provided in severity scale areas less than 3 while 57% – in areas ranked as 3 and 37% – in areas higher than 3.
• Out of 42 operational mobile medical teams, 8 (19%) are in areas of severity scale higher than 3, 32 (76%)– in areas ranked as 3 and 2 (5%) in areas of severity scale less than 3.
• 19 health facilities and community center provide MHPSS services.
• 42 mobile medical teams/clinics are deployed across the country.
• 50 health facilities (including detention centers, collective centers, and community centers) are supported by mobile medical teams/clinics across the country.
• 50% of EWARN sentinel sites report in a timely manner with 70% of disease outbreaks responded to within 72 hours of identification.
• There are 126 EWARN sentinel sites across the country with the highest concentration of them in Al Margeb,
Benghazi, Eljdabia, Misrata, and Zwara.
• 53 public PHC centers received support with health services and commodities.
• 23 public secondary health facilities received support with health services and commodities.
• A total of 76 public health facilities supported with health services and commodities.
• 1 public health facility received support with physical rehabilitation/refurbished.
• A total of 158 standard health kits were distributed. The majority of kits were distributed to Tripoli, Alkufra,
Azzawya, Aljfara, Zwara, Al Jabal Al Gharbi, Nalut,Almargeb, Benghazi and Sabha.
• Health sector partners cover 14 IDP camps in Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli.
• 10 official detention centers in Al Jabal Al Gharbi, Alkufra, Almargeb, Azzawya, Benghazi and Zwaraare covered by fixed health points and/or mobile medical teams.
• 4 disembarkation point in Tripoli, Zwara and Almargeb are covered by fixed health point and/or mobile medical team.
• 76 public health facilities (PHC centers and hospitals) are supported some kind of assistance including services and supplies.
• A total of 796 health service providers were trained.
• 9 flash updates on attack on health care was produced. The highest number in 4 months of 2020.

Source: World Health Organization