Friday, 28/2/2020 | 2:23 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Reporters without borders denounce recent attacks on Journalists in Libya.

Tripoli-Reporters Without Borders have denounced recent attacks on Journalists in Libya, the latest of which was the assassination of Khaled al-Zentani, former director of Benghazi Office of Zentan TV, who was gunned down by a Da'esh sniper. The organization said in Statement Sunday that a 37 years old Khaled al-Zentani working for several media outlets was gunned down by Daesh organization. The organization listed several violations against Libyan journalists including the disappearance of Ali Al-Asbeli 100 km from Benghazi in March 2016. Head North Africa Office of Reporters without Borders said the organization condemns the attacks and assassination of Khaled which brings the number of journalists killed in Libya since 2014 to 8 against the backdrop of complete impunity. It reiterated its call to the GNA to publicly pledge to protect journalists and make fighting impunity a priority.

Source: Libyan News Agency